Call for Civil Society Participation

The CSO Forum on the Environment will be convened by ESCAP and UN Environment in collaboration with Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) on behalf of Asia-Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM) on 4 September 2017 in Bangkok as a preparatory meeting for the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment.

The CSO Forum will be a forum for civil society organizations to work together and consolidate their position and recommendations to ensure that voices of marginalized sectors and grassroots are reflected in the Ministerial Summit as well as regional and global agenda on the environment. Asia-Pacific CSOs from different sectors and countries will explore common ground and actions, develop common messages and coordinate strategies for more effective participation in the national, regional and global intergovernmental processes on the environment such as 2017 UN Environment Assembly.

The CSO Forum invites applications from nationally registered CSOs to work with others to:

  1. Inform and build  capacity of civil society participants on the regional and global United Nations discussions on the environment, and on the opportunities and modalities for engaging these processes;
  2. Discuss the structure and content of the Ministerial Summit with the theme ‘Towards a Resource-efficient and Pollution-free Asia-Pacific’, formulate joint positions, as well as strategize interventions at the Ministerial Summit; and
  3. Share and exchange views on critical environment-related issues faced by the various constituencies and discuss alignments and areas of partnership and cooperation.

Those seeking to attend the Ministerial Summit must attend this preparatory forum (unless they are already part of their official national delegations).

In order to be considered for participation, please complete this online application by latest 28 July 2017 (12 midnight Thailand time).

For more information please download the call for participation


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